Steve's (unofficial) vSAN vCenter Sizing:

vCenter "Scrape" Information
Used GHz:  
Max GHz:  
Used RAM (GB):  
Max RAM (GB):  
Used Disk Capacity (TB):  
Max Disk Capacity (TB):  
Target Server (compute) Information
# of CPUs:  
# of Cores:  
GHz / Core:  
RAM (GB):  

Target Environment Deduplication Ratio
De-Dupe / Compression Multiplier:  

Virtual Server(s) - %
Small Server Tier - (2vCPU, 4GB, 75 IOPs): Large Server Tier - (6vCPU, 16GB, 400 IOPs):
Average Server Tier - (4vCPU, 8GB, 200 IOPs): X-Large Server Tier - (8vCPU, 32GB, 750 IOPs):